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Welcome web traveller and thank you for stopping by J Nicholls Designs’ website!

J Nicholls Designs enjoys transforming complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive design solutions. Everything designed is rooted in an idea that evokes a clear message. Below are some areas J Nicholls Designs specializes in.

Creative direction is synonymous with problem-solving. The problem can be complex, such as not getting brand-recognition or as simple as coming up with a theme for an event. J Nicholls Designs endeavours to create clean and aesthically pleasing solutions with purpose for every event and situation.


A successful business requires a web-presence to thrive in the marketplace. It is a cost-effective solution for reaching a wide audience. It can encompass websites, evites, emailers, digital banners and digital newsletters. J Nicholls Designs can help you connect your business to your market with a digital presence.


Print is an effective piece of the communication puzzle. Print materials should be instantly captivating to appeal to your audience and to make a brand connection for your business. Whether it is annual reports, ads, tradeshow signage, logo design or brochures, J Nicholls Designs yields positve results with striking print collateral to engage your consumer.


Visual communication comes naturally to Jennifer Nicholls. With twenty years of industry experience under her belt, Jennifer has a gift for consistently crafting creative pieces of work that have clean lines, bold colours and aesthetically pleasing typography.

Jennifer has the distinction of including some of Canada’s top corporate brands under her design belt such as; BMO Nesbitt Burns, TD Bank, National Post, Bell Canada, Molson Coors, Unilever, Professional Engineers Ontario and Rogers Publishing Limited.

When Jennifer isn’t at work solving corporate identity crises or distorting pixels, she can be found pursuing interests in the creative arts, literature, photo retouching, meditation and music – anything that helps keep her senses sharp.

Jennifer specializes in the design and production of:

  • online experiences (websites, evites, web banners)
  • print and digital collateral
  • brand identity and art direction
and Tidbits
  • Favourite colour is green. It is not easy being green.
  • Bad kerning can never be justified… lol. Designer humour?
  • Favourite font is DIN. Slab fonts are a close second.
  • Drinker of Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes all year around.
  • Comic Sans walks into a bar. The bartender says,“We don’t serve your type here.” More designer humour.
  • Authority on all 80’s music.
Design and
web skills
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Creative Art Direction
  • Consumer of Gingerbread Lattes


If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact J Nicholls Designs by email or phone. Tin cans are optional.